What does the WLL6 1/2T logo on the shackle mean?


For example: What does the shackle mark of WLL6 1/2T mean? How to understand?

WLL represents the rated unloading of the shackle

WLL6 1/2T means that the rated load of the shackle is 6.5 tons

Scope of use

Shackles are widely used in electric power, metallurgy, petroleum, machinery, railways, chemicals, ports, mining, construction and other industries.

General requirements

1. The shackle should be smooth and flat, and no defects such as cracks, sharp edges, overburning, etc. are allowed.

2. It is strictly forbidden to use cast iron or cast steel shackles. The buckle body can be forged with killed steel, and the shaft pin can be machined after forging from bar stock.

3. The shackle should not be drilled or welded to repair. After the buckle body and the shaft pin are permanently deformed, no repair shall be carried out.

4. When using, check the buckle body and bolts, and avoid serious wear, deformation and fatigue cracks.

5. When in use, the horizontal spacing must not be subjected to tension, and the shaft pin must be inserted with a safety pin.

6. After the shaft pin is correctly assembled, the width of the buckle body must not be significantly reduced, and the threaded connection is good.

7. The use of shackles shall not exceed the specified safe load.


1. It should be smooth and flat, free of defects such as cracks, sharp edges, and overburning. The suspicious area can be re-examined with a magnifying glass and other means.

2. The shackle is tested with twice the safe load as the test load. The shaft pin must not be permanently deformed and can rotate freely after being loosened. The increase in the length of the buckle body shall not exceed 0.25% or 0.5mm. Below 300 tons, 2 times the safe load is used as the test load for testing, and above 300 tons is 1.33 times the safe load as the test load for testing.

3. The shackle can be sampled reliability test. The load is twice the test load. The shackle shall not be broken or deformed to make the shackle lose its load-bearing capacity.

4. The safety loads of the current shackles are all approved with M (4) level.

        5. The buckle body should be marked with strength level, safety load and other marks.

Scrap standard

1. There is obvious permanent deformation or the shaft pin cannot rotate freely.

2. The wear of any part of the buckle body and the shaft pin is more than 10% of the original size.

        3. Cracks appear in any part of the shackle.

4. The shackle cannot be locked.

5. Failed after the shackle test. 

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