Safety inspection of wire rope sling


1. Broken wire situation-the number of broken wires and the distribution and degree of broken wires.

2. Degree of wear-measure the diameter of the wire rope at each wear part.

3. Corrosion status-whether it is rusty or not.

4. Lubrication status—whether the grease is properly present, whether there are debris attached to the grease, keep the surface clean, and lubricate with wire rope lubricant once a year.

5. Deformation and other abnormal phenomena-the degree and location of kinking marks, flattening, damage, loose strands or loose twists.

6. The tight strand condition of the heavy-duty ring connection part-whether the steel wire rope is dislocated or the alloy indenter is deformed, worn, corroded or cracked.

The scrap standard of wire rope sling (If one of the following occurs, it should be scrapped)

1. The number of broken wires at the connection part of the heavy-duty loop is 5% of the total number of wires;

2. The number of broken wires in a controlled distance is 13% of the total number of wires; 

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